Monday, 29 June 2015


 It feels like it has been quite some time and it definitely has been. Things have been a bit topsy-turvy this month and I decided to take a step back and out of blogging for a little while as it didn't feel right to me.

June has been a failure in my blogging life, I tried to schedule as much as I could while I was away, but unfortunately time made a fool of me as usual. 

To be quite frank, I have no idea where I want to go with this little space of mine. I love all things make-up based and beauty related but there are blogs far superior to mine and I feel like I am hidden in the shadows. I still will post things as and when I find something amazing but for the most part this won't be a beauty-related blog, another point...I definitely do not have enough disposable income to spend a ludicrous amount on make-up and skin-care items that I may or may not like each month. The beauty blogging world, for me, is far too competitive and fast paced. 

This June has also been one of the most amazing and reflective months for me in the past few years. I visited Canada, somewhere I have wanted to visit since learning about it, I had the most wonderful couple of weeks there, I felt like I was there for an eternity and did so much. It felt weird coming home, I felt right there. I still want to be there now as I type, I am still very much looking forward to sharing my pictures with you all. 

On the other hand, June took a definite U-Turn. There was a car crash in my town, 5 people were involved in a car crash and 3 were killed instantly. One of those people was my best and dearest friend from my entire school life, Emily. I hadn't seen Emily for a few years, having drifted apart after we finished college, but it utterly broke my heart to hear that she had died in such a horrific car accident. It still doesn't feel real or right, that the girl I was best friends with from the age of 3 until 17, was suddenly no longer in this world. She has left behind her a beautiful little girl who is a perfect Mini-Me of Emily, countless friends and her wonderful mum, Gill. The world is now a little less brighter than it used to be, but the night sky has gained a beautiful star. Her friendship still means the world to me and I will never forget the countless, wonderful, silly, hilarious, amazing moments we shared together.

Life throws the unexpected right at you when you least expect it and makes you appreciate everything you have. It makes you say those "I Love You's", "Thank You's" and hold your loved ones a little tighter. 

Live your life for you and do everything you want too. You are capable of everything you dream, make sure you believe it.



Monday, 22 June 2015

June; Part 2

You took a huge U-Turn.

I'm failing, June.

Rest in Peace, beautiful.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I have missed two consecutive Manic Monday posts and it's killing me, I'm not keen on missing one let alone two!

Since landing back in the UK with a bump, I feel like my feet haven't touched the floor - I have been non-stop getting back in to the swing of life after the most amazing time in Canada. The weekend was spent organising and catching up with my family and friends. 

Work has been a bit of an adjustment, Monday disappeared in a haze of jet-lagged weirdness, I had to ask a customer to let me know who was in the image attached to their email..."Serena Williams..." was the response, honestly and today was one of those days where I didn't stop from the minute I walked in to the moment I left.

Ben isn't well at all today, he's been awake since 4am this morning so I have been in nurse mode since I've been home this evening taking care of him the best I can. He doesn't get ill often but when he does he does it right.

I have fallen a little behind with Duolingo Spanish, my plan was to try and keep it up mostly in Canada but I think I got around to doing in 3 or 4 times which isn't too bad for such a jam-packed holiday! I need to get back up to speed but just haven't made the time for it since I've been home unfortunately. However I am currently 23% fluent in Spanish, I am quite chuffed with myself to be honest! I don't usually stick with things like this for very long but I have found it to be a great website.

Sleep is another thing that I am lacking, on our return we managed to sleep for a good 14 hours after being awake for 1.5 days and since then I haven't been able to sleep at a reasonable time. 

To be perfectly honest, I completely forgot it was Monday yesterday and with the addition of dinner and Jurassic World (which is epic by the way). I didn't realise that it was the last Game of Thrones of the season either and feel like I am the only person to have not seen it yet (currently watching it but really don't want too, I know what's coming! *cries*)

See and this is exactly why I need Manic Monday's catharsis!

I shall attempt to resume my usual routine tomorrow, until then I bid you a Toodles!


P.S - I am sorry if this is utter nonsense.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


 [Image Source: Pinterest]

It's bittersweet returning home, especially from somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

There are three things I look forward to returning too;

Seeing my family, giving gifts and sleeping in my own bed. 

All of those moments were wonderful.


Friday, 5 June 2015

On-Flight Essentials

It's time for another long-haul flight, which in-turn, calls for an On-Flight products post.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir -
This is by far my favourite unnecessary beauty product. It's refreshing, smells divine, it has the power to relax me with one spritz, does it really do anything? Probably not a whole lot, but it's great for a flight, especially if the cabin is starting to smell a bit stale.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector -
I can only describe this product as a little hydrating, delicious smelling cushion for my lips. Dehydration tends to start at the lips, during a long haul flight dehydrated skin is almost unavoidable unless you constantly want to be sprinting to the toilet and annoying the person you're sitting next too. These little beauties are great for keeping the lips hydrated, looking glossy and of course, the smell incredible. I have shade 05.

Clarins Eye Make-Up Remover - 
To remove any small amount of make-up that I may feel necessary to put on the morning of said flight. 

Hair Ties & Hair Pins -
Because you just never know when you might feel like donning a top not.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Hydrating Face Mask -
It says it in the name, I like to apply this around half way through my flight when things are starting to feel a little clogged. I like to remove all make-up apply this liberally over my face; it's clear and sinks in to the skin so you don't look like an utter looney. I don't feel it's necessary to wash it off as it sinks in to the skin quite nicely and adds a boost of moisture.

Moisturiser/Serum -
Any will do really, as long as it adds a hit of moisture to the skin to keep things nicely hydrated! I'll be taking Una Brennan's Vitamin C Brightening Serum, it's lightweight, glimmers ever so slightly to add a wonderful brightening effect and smells like oranges. What more could you need?

Hand Sanitiser -
I don't think an explanation is necessary, if you're putting anything on your face after you've been in an aeroplane toilet or have eaten food, touched the seats, touched pretty much anything during the flight you need clean hands to do so. It's just general sense!

Wipes -
The same reasons as above and also if you want to whack on a hydrating mask as mentioned above it's best to get a clean canvas to do so. 

Hand Cream - 
My hands have a tendency to get dry easily anyway, add cabin air, hand sanitisers, washing my hands a lot and I will more than likely end up like a lizard. I shall be taking a mini Hand Food that I managed to find!

Perfume Roller Ball or Tester -
Just in case things get a little stale. I am still loving my Christopher Wicks English Laundry, such a beautiful all-year round scent.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


June, you're here far quicker than I could have ever fathomed. Time is melting away like a new snow under the morning sun.

The middle of the year is here already, this brings mine and Ben's newest adventure; Canada. I am so looking forward to exploring Toronto and enjoying my time there. I have wanted to visit for years and finally, this month, it's happening.

Stay still with me, June and let me enjoy it. 

Midsummer is another day you bring with you, June, it's one of my favourite days throughout the year; the longest day of the year, the most daylight we have all year around. When I think of it, I think of sunshine, butter-yellow flowers and lush green fields. 

I'm not too sure where that vision comes from, June.

Stick around for a while, please.


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Manic Monday #68

Our back garden...! 

Hello! Welcome to a belated Manic Monday post, it is delayed as I was travelling from around 5.30am to 10pm last night, after a little exploring and food it soon turned to 1am and I was shattered; blogging did enter my mind but I probably would have written something awful in-line with my tiredness.

We have arrived in Toronto! Hooray! After a small palava of actually finding out where I had rented my car from I managed to drive away in a brand new Jeep Sahara; first person to drive it - 40km on the clock. I love it...a bit too much. Driving at first was slightly daunting, but I took it steady and got used to it quite quickly.

We rented a studio flat via AirBnB, our hosts are lovely and very welcoming, encouraging us to use all of the amenities they have available including a pool! I would urge anyone who wants to feel like you're experiencing what it's like to actually live in the place you're visiting to book accomodation via AirBnB or similar. It is also much, much cheaper than a hotel!

I am wide awake at 6.10 and am currently writing this post as I'm laying in bed, I can't wait to get exloring Toronto and the surrounding areas! 

Have you ever used AirBnB or a similar site to book rented accomodation? What do you prefer by booking through it as opposed to staying in a hotel

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your week! i have a few posts scheduled this week but not so much for next as I ran out of time with my pre-planned writing! I also ask that you please ignore any spelling mistakes...!