Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Last Night

The time has come for my last evening in my childhood home, for what I hope is the last time. 

It feels a little odd to me and I'm starting to feel a little nostalgic about it, I have been and returned to my home a few times now, what with university and living with friends.

Now Ben and I have taken a huge step and have purchased our first house. 
Our completion day is tomorrow, we have a fully stocked van and are ready to go to collect the keys as soon as we get the call. 

It feels like a huge chapter in my life is coming to an end and I've never felt that before when I've moved out previously. It's definitely a step we've taken lightly in our lives and have made this choice together after much deliberation and consideration. 

I'm very grateful to my parents for creating a childhood home that I didn't want to run from at the age of 16 and I have so many amazing memories from living here. From my childhood spent with my brother and cousins, to watching my niece grow from a baby in to the lovely little lady she now is, all the while my parents were alongside watching and guiding us as they deemed necessary.

I'll miss it. 

But I'm very excited and very happy that we are finally taking the step in to our own house. 


Monday, 6 June 2016

Manic Monday #116 - Taking a Break

I decided quite unexpectedly today that I was going to take a break from blogging this month.
My heart really isn't in this space at the moment and whether I decide to come back or start afresh I shall, of course keep you up to date.
I am currently focussing all of my spare time on exercise and creative writing.

Today is the first day where I actually thought that I wasn't even feeling up to writing a Monday post, which is something I have consistently done for two years now (travel permitting) but I just wasn't feeling that at all today.

I am becoming too obsessed with statistics, page views, followers and on the flip side of blogging culture the materialism that is being promoted daily with throwing cash at or being gifted every shade of lipstick and eyeshadow just isn't tickling my pickle anymore and is starting to become something of a bugbear for me. 
It is, of course, fine if you are running a beauty blog, I'm not having a dig. I am just of the opinion that people with such young and impressionable audiences should be doing something to counteract the materialistic hoarding that they so consistently promote and try to encourage a positive influence on the environment instead of just materialism. 

I still watch beauty, fashion, lifestyle videos and still want those things that are so prettily presented to me. I lust over but I also have that voice in the back of my mind reminding me that I don't possibly need another blush or foundation just because this person says they love it. 

I know this quite a negative post but to be honest I am feeling quite negative about the whole blogging platform at the moment.

I'll probably be back if this passes, or I might haul-ass to pastures new.




Monday, 30 May 2016

Manic Monday #115

Today is another bank holiday; lucky me!

Ben and I have had a relaxed day enjoying one anothers company, we have an empty house at the moment so am thoroughly enjoying the solitude at the moment.

I so appreciate my parents having us to stay prior to our move, but coming from a pretty big house with loads of room to living once again in one room can be quite stifiling sometimes.

We finally have a move in date, exactly 3 months tomorrow! 
We have hit a little road block in our mortgage shenanigans, we need to get a tree surgeon to check a tree in our back garden to ensure that it hasn't caused any damage the property or poses any potential threat to cause damage in future.

It is an expense that we have to cover, but if we were to proceed without it, we would unlikely be covered by our buildings insurance if something were to arise from it.
I'd much rather be safe than sorry in this instance!

I have been mulling over the idea of producing some sort of 'user-friendly' guide to housing buying. I'm not going to lie, it's bloody complicated and I'm not great with financial jargen but was thinking it may be a handy life-lesson to be able to access?!

It's not something that's readily available, the people we have worked along side have all been fantastic and really supportive, it may help a tonne that Ben works in the financial industry so I thought why not help if I'm able to?

It's one of the biggest and most daunting decisions to make in your life, a little guidence could most deifinitely put you at ease.

What are your thoughts? Have you gone through the purchasing process? How was your experience?



Monday, 23 May 2016

Manic Monday #114

Evening, lovely people!
You'll be pleased to know that my bad case of the grumps was left in Sunday and I feel a huge amount happier today.

Today I wanted to talk about "power", or at least, the idea of power in the social heirarchy. 

I work somewhere that deals with an unsual type or "power", I'm putting that specific power in to quotations as I'm unsure how much power these people actually have and if they do have much to change things dramatically. 
From what I can see they don't have an inordinate amount of power, they may have some more levels of influence, much more so than I do, but power...I'm not too sure.

However, the sheer arrogance and rudeness of some of these people absolutely astounds me.
Today one of these people very rudely interrupted two people in a meeting, a booked meeting no less. It was interrupted because they felt that they have this "power" which entitles them to plonk themself between two people in a meeting, ask to interrupt but then proceed to interrupt anyway, this person felt that what they have to say, on a dropped-in visit of their own convenience is far superior and outweighs the meeting of the other two people who had arranged a time between the two of them.

This person then proceeded to berate a colleague of mine, demanding to know why she thought it was OK to so this, that and the other, of which she has no power in decision making. 

No matter my position, whether an intern or director of a business I would never deem the above an appropriate way to handle something. It's downright rude and I'm sure if this person were on the receiving end of such behaviour they wouldn't hesitate to complain or tell the other person they were being rude for interrupting.

Why do people think they have this right and power that far outweighs everyone else in the world?

I'm definitely not lumping them all in to the same group, as some of them that I have worked with have been nothing more than plesant, but there are a few exceptions to the rule who have this outrageous, exaggerated sense of importance which has deluded them so far in to believing they are better than others. 

Some people need a bit of a reality check.

Being kind and patient will get you much further along in life than blustering around thinking you're all and a cup of tea when you're really not.

What are your thoughts? Are you good at dealing with difficult situations and/or difficult people?



Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Bad Case of the Grumps

[Image Source: Pinterest]

The hormones are here.

 I am definitely having a grumpy, hormonal day today and it drives me up the wall. The smallest thing can irritate me, frustrate me or bring me to tears. Those things are then blown massively out of proportion and effect how I'm feeling about my day. 

I know some people will scoff at the idea that hormones can effect your day quite that much, but they are just people who haven't had the joy of feeling like an emotional, angry, frustrated, moody, intolerable mess for a day or two. 

I understand that I am posting a very 'first world problem' type of a post, but you know what they say;  
misery loves company.

So rejoce and wallow in your hormones.

You don't have to put on that smiley face if you don't want to and you also don't have to put up with people telling you that hormones aren't really a 'thing' if you just aren't feeling it.
Come up with your best waspish remark, swish your hair in their face and slink away, swinging those hips.