Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Night

Friday nights are all about deep cleaning your make-up brushes...


What, no?!

Just me on that one!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara

As it's nearly Christmas, I have been doing a fair bit of shopping lately, trying to find perfect gifts for all my loved ones, but of course, I cannot resist the temptation to buy things for myself along the way as I do so!

I was in Boots recently, it's somewhere I always seem to be at the moment, I spotted on the Bourjois counter that they had an offer on - Spend £15 on Bourjois products and get a special gift box for free!

Inside were a few bits and bobs, (all full size, can I just add!) which I was really impressed with, but the one item that really stood out to me was the mascara.

It's the Volume Glamour Max Holiday mascara, it's a mini mascara that is priced at £5.99, bargain price if you ask me!

I really love this mascara, the wand applicator is quite thick, so you get a lot of product on the wand, it goes on really nicely. It is not clumpy at all, it doesn't flake off throughout the day and really adds a lot of length and volume to your lashes.

I am quite lucky with my lashes, I have pretty long, thick lashes already and I really find this mascara enhances them perfectly. 

This mascara is a really good travel size, it's smaller than your standard mascara tube, so if you travel a lot or are looking for a mascara to go away with, this would be a great addition to your travel make-up!

I highly recommend this mascara for the festive season, it looks great with a dramatic smokey eye as it really enhances your natural lashes, especially if you're not a fan of fake lashes.

Thank you for reading!